5 Best Sites with E-Learning Platforms

Say goodbye to endless hours of scribbling on Chalk and Blackboard. From efficiency to encouragement and beyond – we’ve rounded up the best free e-Learning platforms.

As the education sector realizes the power of increasing technological development and changing world of knowledge choices, e-learning is quickly becoming a preferred choice for education these days.

The easy availability of getting knowledge with stuff like free interactive video lessons, free mp3 tracks, e-mock papers, personal-tutor-like experience at home, etc. has turned online education into a massive success for students, their parents, and their teachers. However, one area where people get somewhat confused is in deciding which online education platform is best for them. So, without any further due, let’s get right onto our 5 best free e-learning platforms.

  1. Sabakuch



As the latest entrant in e-learning platforms, Sabakuch has already established itself as probably the best social networking website in India and now it is on the verge of becoming India’s leading online education portal. It has several functions which students would find useful. These include:

  • free audio-video notes
  • free e-mock papers with 2 levels: fundamental and advance
  • exam papers with exam dates mentioned for better remembrance
  • more than 9 national and international languages to choose from


Another great aspect of it are the e-learning blogs and career blogs which are the go-to guide to get deeper knowledge on stuff such as getting admissions in various courses and finding right colleges.


  1. Coursera



Offering some of the ‘’world’s best courses online’’, Courseragives several bundled courses with a certificate. It offers the student with in-depth (peer-reviewed) monthly assignments, weekly quizzes, and daily video lectures as well. It’s community discussion forum is also a very handy tool.

Other useful elements include; Quick glance at various courses, well-structured course syllabus, university-recognized online degreessuch as computer science, data science, and business.


  1. Articulate


This is not your average e-learning platform. Users can create high quality e-learning software on it. It is a great medium to learn advanced PowerPoint creation although the add-ons available are insufficient. Articulate offers drag and drop interactions, screen recording, quizzes, etc. At the end of the course, its contents can be directly sent to HTML5, Flash to propagate on the internet. Available in the form of software, e-learning tools include: enabling instructional designers to form and publish interactive, multimedia based e-learning modules.


  1. Academic Earth



No essays, no final exams, no lengthy discussions full of boring opinions, instead Academic Earth has various collections of top University academics on a single theme arranged in the form of playlists, just like the ones you have on online music sites. The idea of a young Yale University graduate, this e-learning program works with the notion that everyone has a right to a world-class education. It offers an impressive collection of free online college courses.

You can choose any course, select a college of your choice, select the level that you want, and start playing the free video lecture. So, even if you cannot get admission in a college, you can still take advantage of the resources for free.


  1. Blackboard


We began with the latest entrant in this arena, so it’s appropriate to end with the oldest player in this category. Proclaiming itself as ‘education’s partner in change’, Blackboard helps learners, educators, institutions and companies by leveraging technologies and services. Its Learning Management System (LMS) is top class and comes in the form of software applications.

A great aspect of Blackboard is that it provides study material to users based on their preferred setting but it does not really give full control on deciding the course structure.

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This is Why Wallpapers Make You Feel Good

It is that simple to set up an image or a photo as wallpaper on your desktop computer or tablet or even mobile phones.

Just visit any genuine, virus free website and you will find a great list of royalty free stock photos to decorate your computer screens with. But have you ever wondered what is so unique about that image?


  • The first thing to do is to realize that photos are also objects. They have many lives as they circulate in different spaces and that their meanings can change over time
  • Every picture is meant to be read in a different way and their readings are therefore not limited to the frame of the photograph but have to be read in the context of other images
  • The older the image, the greater is the history which gets attached to it. They become like old bollywood songs, with a unique vintage soul of their own.
  • The colors which are present in these photos give them a greater value. The relationship of values, saturation and the warmth or coolness of various hues can cause noticeable differences in our perception of color.

happiness1 27feb

To have such images on the internet today is invaluable. One needs to understand how fortunate they are to have free photos circulating on the internet, all just one click away. They carry the power to change your mood instantly and make you experience a whole range of emotions which sometimes even a moving image or a motion picture fails to do.

quotes 10april

Recently there has been a growing demand for virus free high-quality royalty free stock photos and to fulfill that demand, sites like Sabakuch.com has emerged. It gives a huge range of full high definition photos which can easily be used and even modified as they are stock photos. Furthermore, these images can be shared easily by using the site’s personal and professional networking zones.

This Social Networking Site is winning hearts. Find out why?

When you think of social networking sites online, you can come up with a few big global names. But, you’ll find it hard to recall any significant name from India. Perhaps, you didn’t know before that India too has produced a gem to be listed among the best social networking sites.

Known by the name ‘Sabakuch.com’, the site is a one-stop shop for everything related to online networking, communication, learning, and entertainment.


What’s so special?

You may ask this question while considering the choices you may have. Well, this list might help you think over to switch to Sabakuch –

  • It presents itself as an advanced platform which brings together micro blogging, social networking, and professional networking. This means that you can easily share your work or music or photos with your friends, family, and the professional world.
  • A trio format of O-Zone, My Zone and Biz-Zone allows you to connect socially, personally and professionally, putting Sabakuch in the list of best social networking sites


Full-On Entertainment

Experience music like never before! Far from the noise filled songs that look like clones, you’ll find original music on the music extension of Sabakuch, also known as ‘Sabakuch Music’.

  • From trending songs from worldwide to bollywood songs online, you will get to discover music which is absolutely royalty free.
  • Users of this site are actual composers and musicians who love to share their passion for singing with the rest of the world. They are free to record and upload their original content in true mp3 format. The listeners play their song and it allows the uploader to earn money.
  • Bollywood songs online from every decade of the Hindi film industry are covered by the Sabakuch users. This guarantees a long playlist of some excellent music numbers for you.