This is Why Wallpapers Make You Feel Good

It is that simple to set up an image or a photo as wallpaper on your desktop computer or tablet or even mobile phones.

Just visit any genuine, virus free website and you will find a great list of royalty free stock photos to decorate your computer screens with. But have you ever wondered what is so unique about that image?


  • The first thing to do is to realize that photos are also objects. They have many lives as they circulate in different spaces and that their meanings can change over time
  • Every picture is meant to be read in a different way and their readings are therefore not limited to the frame of the photograph but have to be read in the context of other images
  • The older the image, the greater is the history which gets attached to it. They become like old bollywood songs, with a unique vintage soul of their own.
  • The colors which are present in these photos give them a greater value. The relationship of values, saturation and the warmth or coolness of various hues can cause noticeable differences in our perception of color.

happiness1 27feb

To have such images on the internet today is invaluable. One needs to understand how fortunate they are to have free photos circulating on the internet, all just one click away. They carry the power to change your mood instantly and make you experience a whole range of emotions which sometimes even a moving image or a motion picture fails to do.

quotes 10april

Recently there has been a growing demand for virus free high-quality royalty free stock photos and to fulfill that demand, sites like has emerged. It gives a huge range of full high definition photos which can easily be used and even modified as they are stock photos. Furthermore, these images can be shared easily by using the site’s personal and professional networking zones.


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